So I’m at work today. Flipping through the files on my desk and also wondering if I remembered to tell Andrew our little girl’s almost out of pull-ups.

She needs to perfect potty training ASAP. Diapers aren’t cheap (have you noticed that the larger the diaper sizes, the fewer the diapers in the pack?). I think she just enjoys not having to go through the stress of pulling down her pants. What else could it be? Unlike many kids, my little girl has perfected the art of ‘pooping in the potty’, but only wants to go when it’s a number 2 visit. She thinks the toilet is purely for poop. Everything else is for the pull up. Everything.

I’ll let your imagination roam for a moment.

My son’s at summer school (God bless the teachers who give up part of their summer to give me a breath of sanity, if only for a few weeks!). Sometimes people wonder why I make my kids sound like they terrorize my home. Well, that’s because they do. I only have two, but I promise, most time it feels like I have five….

I did manage to have some alone time when I came home for lunch. She and her dad were napping, and I took a little time to pray. man, did I feel better after that. Funny how reluctant I was at first, and how good I felt afterwards.

Well, back to work…..see you later.