Hi everyone! I’m Nimi and I am taking this opportunity to start my blogging adventure again…I have started and stopped so many times, but I think I’m ready to commit now (thank goodness this character flaw hasn’t spilled into my romantic life – been married for 10 years :-))

I have always loved to write. It is the only medium that I’ve found that gives me the freedom to say exactly what I mean. To me, keeping a journal is the equivalent of having a trustworthy friend whom I can always rely on to keep my secrets and never reject or misunderstand me. So for a long time, writing was a very private, therapeutic exercise for me.

So, how did I make the transition from personal journaling to blogging? Actually, I don’t feel I ever made a total transition to it – the idea of sharing my innermost opinions and thoughts with the world is one that I have constantly struggled with. The only thing that has brought me back to blogging time and time again is the sense that it would do me good to learn to freely express myself without fear of ridicule or fear of just making no sense in my writing. I am very comfortable speaking publicly, but showcasing my writing to others has always seemed too daunting a task.  Blogging has been an experiment that I have cautiously dabbled in from time to time – dangling my toes in the water, but never diving in to swim. But right now I think i have built up enough courage to make blogging more of a integral part of my life instead of an occasional pastime.

Fear has not been the only thing holding me back. I have had a big issue with my content. Because I had been writing sporadically, my content became rather random (hence, the title of my blog page). My content has ranged from the World Cup, all the way to my personal experiences as a mom. I have, however, now made the decision to narrow my content choices down somewhat. After a lot of careful consideration, I have decided to commit to writing about… all things Star Wars.

Star Wars? I know this may seem random, but when I thought back through things that have impacted my life, my fandom of Star Wars ranked pretty high on the list. I know A LOT about the Star Wars galaxy…why not share my opinions, insights, and general knowledge with the millions of others who have grown up loving this exciting franchise? I would also have the chance to connect with all the other fans around the world.

It is my plan to blog throughout this year – and if I do this successfully, I would love to be able to say that I have connected with other bloggers all over the world. I may also start a separate blog dedicated to the random musings that constantly cross my mind that are sometimes too good not to share! Overall, I believe my biggest sense of accomplishment would come from knowing that for once, I started something, stuck with it, and saw it through without any regret.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging…why?

  1. I too love Star Wars, and even more than that I appreciate true randomness. I hope you’ll have the courage to write wherever your heart takes you. I’m looking forward to reading it. ~lisa

    • Thanks for your comment, Lisa! So great to find a fellow Star Wars lover. Comments like yours are so encouraging. Maybe this blogging thing is for me after all 😉

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