World Cup Ramblings

I am an avid follower of the World Cup.

Ok, ‘avid’ may not be strong enough to describe what happens to me every four years…let’s just say my Zumba instructor was totally confused when I set up my iPad in a good spot so I could watch a match. I think I burned as many mental calories just trying to watch it and follow the dance moves at the same time (what can I say, I’m a multi-tasking mom!).

I lived in Nigeria for 20 years (yes, 20 years…) and one of our family pastimes, along with practically everyone else in the country, was watching the World Cup. Of course, the typical American does not understand this fascination with just kicking a ball around a field for 90 minutes (I can already see you nodding your head). But there is so much more to the game of soccer (or football, as it is rightly called. Funny how in American football, feet rarely touch the ball…). I won’t go into to that in this article, because then I’d have to explain the game, and this is not that kind of blog (what kind of girl do you think I am…lol).

What gets me about this World Cup, besides some of the shocking results or how popular football countries like England, Italy, and Spain have all been knocked out of the competition, is how violent the sport has become. People have been intentionally hurting their opponents in the most ridiculous ways imaginable.

At first it was Alex Song from the Cameroonian team who, for reasons still only known to him, elbowed an opponent from Croatia without being provoked. Generally, tackles are much more vicious nowadays, anyways. But apparently hard tackles are not the big deal now…

Yesterday in the match between Uruguay and Italy, both teams played hard. The winner had the chance of securing a spot in the top 16 of the second round of the World Cup. Normally, such desperation makes you try even harder to score right? So you put in more skill, your coach re-strategizes, and you bite another player…..


Yes, people, it happened. Yesterday Luis Suarez bit an Italian player on the shoulder. He bit him.

My 3 year old bit me. Once. After what happened to her as a result of that, though, she never tried it again. Kind of weird that I am comparing the actions of a grown man to a three year old, but that’s what happens when you decide, not to punch someone, not to push someone, but to BITE them.

Wait a minute! Nigeria’s match has started (did I mention I am half Nigerian and half American?). Got to go!


So I’m at work today. Flipping through the files on my desk and also wondering if I remembered to tell Andrew our little girl’s almost out of pull-ups.

She needs to perfect potty training ASAP. Diapers aren’t cheap (have you noticed that the larger the diaper sizes, the fewer the diapers in the pack?). I think she just enjoys not having to go through the stress of pulling down her pants. What else could it be? Unlike many kids, my little girl has perfected the art of ‘pooping in the potty’, but only wants to go when it’s a number 2 visit. She thinks the toilet is purely for poop. Everything else is for the pull up. Everything.

I’ll let your imagination roam for a moment.

My son’s at summer school (God bless the teachers who give up part of their summer to give me a breath of sanity, if only for a few weeks!). Sometimes people wonder why I make my kids sound like they terrorize my home. Well, that’s because they do. I only have two, but I promise, most time it feels like I have five….

I did manage to have some alone time when I came home for lunch. She and her dad were napping, and I took a little time to pray. man, did I feel better after that. Funny how reluctant I was at first, and how good I felt afterwards.

Well, back to work…..see you later.